Helps reduce fat and cellulite
Ends in:
  • Assists Fighting Fat Build Up
  • Tighten & Tone Loose Skin
  • Gives Skin More Radiance
Can reduce cellulite and fights the build up of fat & water.
Helps tone and reduce skin blemishes.
Aids keeping the skin supple & makes it more radiant.
Helps fight against the build up of fat on the tummy & bum.
Salon Quality Treatment
Get Professional Salon Quality Treatment Now At Home!
  • Targeted action against fat
  • Acts safely under the skin with ultrasound technology
  • Ideal for your body's problem areas
  • Helps fight the build up of fat by destroying it from the inside
  • Can reduce cellulite, skin blemishes & wrinkles
  • Supports the reduction of water retention and fat mass
  • Technology that has been used for years in salons
Targets Love Handles, Muffin Tops, Laugh Lines, Crows Feet & More!
The power of CAVITAT's ultrasonic cavitation technology is unparalleled!

Supports the fight of the build up of fat tissue directly from the inside.

Rediscover your beauty effortlessly with professional quality results!

CAVITAT Ultrasonic acts effectively in all those difficult places such as legs, bum, arms and tummy.

Also ideal for facial treatments!
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"With Cavitat Ultrasonic you see fat gradually fade -it's noticeable and obvious. Now I have the waist I had before having kids."

"I'm just amazed!  Cavitat Ultrasonic did for me what the gym couldn't."

"Ultra sound cavitation uses sound waves to produce thousands of microscopic air bubbles within the fat cells... The bubbles cause enough pressure to expand the fat cells causing them to break-up."

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Therapy

Clear, Lighten & Smooth the Look of Skin at Home!
Cavitat works on the principles of cavitation that helps target fat through the use of ultrasonic therapy. Cavitat transmits low-frequency sound waves to the fat cell membranes which helps in the altering of stubborn fat cells. This type of sound waves attack only the fat cells without causing any damage to other healthy tissues or organs.
Includes These Great Accessories
  • Cavitat
  • Charging Cable
  • Easy-to-follow User Manual
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